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A few places I've visited. "To get away from one's working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one's self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change." - Charles Horton Cooley.



London, England - palace from the train .
Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.
A convertible drive up California Highway 1.
A view from the top, in the "View From the Top" lounge in San Francisco, CA.
The Golden Gate bridge, one of the seven wonders of the modern world.
Walking over the bridge. It sways from side to side, you can feel it.
Downtown San Francisco.
Muir Woods, some trees are over 1500 years old. Most are thicker than a grown adult man.
Yosemite National Park. I walked away without being eaten by a bear.
If you ever visit Rocky Point, Mexico I recommend a stay at the Princessa.
Rocky Point, Mexico perfect beach weather.
Oceanside, Oregon - spectacular views of the ocean from our vacation home.
La Jolla beach, near San Diego on a pleasing summer day.
An early morning shot showing the rocky cliffs on the West Coast USA outside of Los Angeles.
Flagstaff, Arizona.
Venice City beach.
Hollywood "Walk of Fame".
Sedona, Arizona offers up picturesque camping spots.
Fun in the snow in Colorado!
The road into "Sin City".
Just caught the sun dropping over the ocean on the way into San Diego.
Nothing fishy about this picture, the family at Sea World in San Diego.
Startling light rays caught at La Jolla beach.
Seattle, taking a picture hopped up on coffee. Did I mention it was Seattle? Did I mention coffee?
Seattle, walking towards the Space Needle.
St. Thomas cruise to the British Virgin Islands - passports stamped.
A view from our Villa on the island of St. John, overlooking Cruz Bay .
A wedding in St. Thomas!
In the middle of the Caribbean Sea on a boat near Tortilla. Some lovely houses and what a view.
Posing for the camera on my way into the British Virgin Islands .
The british and BVI flags fly outside of this little island outpost .
The water really is aqua/green close to the shore of many of these islands, fantastic.
Downtown Atlanta doing IT/Computer Install for the Innovations conference.
Downtown Atlanta doing IT/Computer Install for the Innovations conference.
Downtown Atlanta doing IT/Computer Install for the Innovations conference.
Hanging out in the Big Easy, computer support for the Innovations conference.
A room with a view, the Bellagioin Las Vegas (HIGHLY recommended. Get the room with a fountain view).
Charlotte: hip, clean and a cool place to live. Computer management at the Conference on Information Technology.
A view of the Las Vegas Strip from atop the Stratosphere tower.
Surprise, Arizona.


And more!
Kauai, Hawaii
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Nashville and Denver
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San Francisco 2010. A road trip through Yosemite, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, Sonoma Valley, Pacifico, Highway 1 California.

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